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Until now, Mongolia was a country of wide open steppes, and nomadic culture, and a nation of nomadic people who enjoy horse riding, wrestling and horse riding surrounded by beautiful nature. That nation Mongolia is changing now.  Ulaanbaatar is filled with high buildings, and busy streets with luxury brand stores, premium residential office complex. In the past few years, the city experienced with rapid of organization, and massive influence of people. Making it the most populist city in the country.

Rapid growth of Ulaanbaatar is evidence of Mongolians development as rising power in Asia. The World Bank expects Mongolia as GDP to maintain high growth rate to the future. Industry of development, Mongolian economy is one of the exciting and vibrant in Asia. Mongolia has rich mineral resources, booming mining industry, construction industry, and property market building its economy between 2001-2012, value of Mongolian real state increased up to 8 million.

Around 5000 expats lives in Ulaanbaatar. Cafes and pubs which situates heart of Ulaanbaatar is absolutely great places to meet the kind of people that come through with nice atmosphere . It feels very warm when you engage with people and the culture even though when it is winter time. Ulaanbaatar is the one of the safest and attractive city anywhere else in the world.

Ulaanbaatar is becoming the city of incredible opportunities and potential with attractive sightseeing, outdoor activities.  Believe in your own eyes rather than listen from afar.

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