A local friend while you are in Ulaanbaatar
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Ulaanbaatar means “Red Hero” The city is located at 1350 m above sea level It is coldest capital city on theContinue Reading
Ulaanbaatar is the located of the shore of river the Tuul, surrounded with the Bogd khan, Bayanzurkh Khairkhan , SonginoContinue Reading
Beatles honored in Ulaanbaatar . There are a reasons behind the statue to be in Ulaanbaatar. It is one of only seven BeatlesContinue Reading
Until now, Mongolia was a country of wide open steppes, and nomadic culture, and a nation of nomadic people who enjoy horseContinue Reading
location of ulaanbaatar
As location Ulaanbaatar is surrounded by four mountains and located bank of river the Tuul, It lies at the foothills of BogdContinue Reading
old ulaanbaatar
Mongolian capital city Ulaanbaatar represents the symbol of Mongol state independence, the struggle for being separatedContinue Reading
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